Track the location of your controlled delivery package with our GPS Transmitter

Introducing the Schell ”CELL-ALERT” motion detecting, light detecting, and/or trip wire GPS Transmitter…Using our ”CELL-ALERT” GPS Transmitter, you can map and track the location of your controlled delivery package on your smart phone or computer using our website.



The CELL-ALERT Geographic Location System is a battery operated motion detecting/light detecting/trip wire data and geographic position transmitter. The system utilizes Verizon CDMA technology.

This transmitter enables law enforcement to map and track the location of a controlled delivery package on a smart phone or computer using our website.

Officers can see the package…when and where it has been breached.

The track mode can be engaged with a light detector and/or trip wire or motion. This mode immediately activates the GPS which should have a fix in less than a minute. If GPS coverage is not available, cell transmitter methodology is used to determine geographic position. The position will be shown on the mapping site and updated every 10 seconds.

GPS Operating Instructions


Schell Electronics, Inc. warrants its products against defects in material and workmanship
for a period of one year from date of shipment. This warranty does not cover damage
do to misuse, accident, neglect or repair by other than Schell Electronics, Inc. or its
authorized service centers. This warranty remains valid only if the serial number on the
unit has not been defaced.

Transmitter Modes

  • Set Up
  • Track
  • Alarm

These modes allow flexibility to utilize the transmitters in many different scenarios. While monitoring the transmitter, the modes can be distinguished by audible changes received from the transmitter. The audible changes represent:

  • Movement Detection
  • Light Detection
  • Trip Wire Breach