Schell Electronics, Inc., manufactures covert motion detecting, light detecting, or tripwire signaling transmitters. We supply law enforcement with GPS Transmitters & RF Transmitters for monitoring illegal drug activities including:

    • Motion Detecting and Light Detecting Signaling Transmitters for electronic surveillance of controlled deliveries.
    • Package Beepers or Beacons that provide loss prevention of drug evidence.
    • Trip wire activated Tracking Transmitters for drug parcels.
    • Motion Sensing Transmitters for vehicle tracking.
    • Light Detecting Signaling Transmitters that insure legal proof of a control delivery.
    • Signaling Transmitters that warn of intrusions.
    • Our ”CELL-ALERT” GPS Transmitter, can map and track the location of your controlled delivery package on your smart phone or computer using our website.
    • Our Covert 4 Series Signaling Transmitters will tell monitoring officers the controlled delivery status.

For pricing and technical information, please contact us. We can help you get the evidence you need for prosecution.