Contract Manufacturing Services and Equipment

Schell Electronics, Inc., can provide all types of contract manufacturing of custom wire assemblies, wiring harnesses and assembly of printed circuit boards.

Turnkey or Consignment
Wiring Harness/Cable Assembly Design
And Production
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
CAD Circuit Board Design and Layout

PCB Assembly/Soldering Equipment
Specnor Tecnic 16” Wave Soldering Machine
Browne Reflow Soldering System
Vacuum Pick Up Equipment
Cutbend Type VB Preformer (2 Each)


Electronic Test Equipment
GW Instek Spectrum Analyzer GSP-810
IFR FM/AM 1200S Communications Monitor
Hewlett Packard HP435B Power Meter
Hewlett Packard 8482A Power Sensor
Protek P2840 Storage Oscilloscope
Sky Tpower STP6005 Power Supply
Extech Instruments Non Contact Thermometer
Global Specialties 4001 Digital Generator (2 Each)
Heath SG1271 Audio generator (2 Each)
Fluke 8060A Digital Multimeter
Fluke 8022B Digital Multimeter
Fluke 189 Digital Multimeter
Electro Industries 3002A Power Supply (3 Each)
Heath SP2718 Power Supply (2 Each)
Meter Master CG-100A AC/DC Current Gun
Sprig Digital Thermometer

Wire/Cable Assembly and Test Equipment
Schleuniger US 2600 Programmable Stripper
Schleuniger OS9450 Programmable Stripper
Carpenter 42B Programmable Cutter
AG Devices Ribbon Cable Slitter
3M 3640 Ribbon Cable Press
Panduit PAT 1.5M Cable Tie Install System
Associated Research 4045A Hipot Tester
Cirris Cable Tester 1000LC
Cirris Cable Tester 1100R+ (2 Each)
Dedicated Wiring Boards for Complex Harnesses 

Environmental Conditioning Equipment
Quincy Lab 30-392 Oven
Vibco US-900 Shake Table


Machine Equipment
Smithy AT300 Mill Drill Lathe
Band Saw
Drill Press


Miscellaneous Equipment
EFD 1000DV Liquid Dispensing System
Schell Rework/Solder Removal Station
AVDEL 734 Pneumatic Poprivet Gun
Silkscreen Table
Zephyrtronics Reflow/Rework System
Zephyrtronics Hot Air Pencil
Stereo Microscope